Bob Walters Signs
Bob Walters Signs 


    Here are some videos of the items being made.  The epoxy inlay process is fairly time consuming depending on the number of colors in the piece.  Each color is poured into the cut and allowed to "cure" for a 24 hour period only then can the next color be poured.  The inlay is .10 of an inch deep.  It will never peel or scrape off like a vinyl sticker would.  The piece is finished with roughly 6 coats of nitrocellulose lacquer (same finished used on high end guitars).  This is not an outdoor finish and will quickly yellow and crack if exposed to wet conditions.


Total hands on time for a piece with 3-4 different colors and a size of 24in x 24in or less is approximately 4 hours.


Software used for this process is from Vectric, I will link it below.






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Bob Walters Signs

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